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                  BLUEPRINT OF AN ESCROW







Prepare Escrow instructions



and Required Documents






Escrow is Opened when ALL



signed instructions are returned



to escrow





Order Title Search

                                                  Process Financing 


Receive & Review the



Preliminary Report

Request Beneficiary Statement

Lender will require a 

certified copy of all escrow

Request Demand(s),

Receive & Review beneficiary 

instructions and preliminary

& request clarification of 

statement(s). Review terms  

title report

other liens (if any)

of transfer & current payment

status.  Is Lenders approval 

Upon receipt of loan 

Receive and Review Demands

required prior to recording?

approval, compare the

(if a prepayment penalty is

Do these figures compare with

terms with the escrow

called for do your escrow

the escrow instructions?


instructions provide for



the payment of same?)











Review file to determine that all instructions have been followed



(All required documents signed, termite inspections, contingencies



released, fire insurance ordered, note(s) and deeds of trust



executed, bill of sale, etc.)





Prepare estimated settlement statement and request the 



balance of funds required from  buyer and/or seller and



obtain final signatures on any documents if required.









Forward documents to

Obtain funds

Return loan documents

title company 

requested in Phase 3 

to lender




Request lenders



loan funds





Authorize recording 



with the title company










Close file preparing buyers and sellers



closing statements and disburse funds







Complete closing by forwarding final



documents to all interested parties (Buyer-Seller-Lender-Agent)


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