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Suburban Cities Escrow's mission has been to guarantee our clients the highest level of professional service. We act as a neutral party for all types of real estate transactions and a diverse range of clients.


Suburban Cities Escrow is part of a comprehensive team consisting of your Realtor, lender, title officer, escrow officer, transaction coordinator and you, the client. At Suburban Cities Escrow we understand that you want an escrow company that is experienced, dedicated to customer service, professional and stable. With this in mind we strive to hire the best and provide an environment to do our best.


There are differences between licensed Independent escrow companies and other escrow providers. It is important to know these differences prior to making a selection. Only licensed independent escrow companies (whose sole business is doing escrows) are governed by the Department of Business Oversight and all employees must be bonded.


We offer full range escrow services:

  • Residential
  • For Sale by Owner
  • Short Sales  
  • Loan Escrows/Refinances
  • Commercial/Industrial

We offer professionalism:

  • All of our Escrow personnel are approved through the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation and the Department of Business Oversight
  • We keep up to date with changes in escrow laws and the real estate industry
  • Our Officers consistently attend continuing education courses
  • Members of California Escrow Association

We offer consumer protection only an Independent escrow company can provide:

  • Bonded and Licensed
  • Escrow Manager experience requirements met
  • Regular operational procedure audits
  • Annual independent audits
  • Deposit funds protection
  • Net worth requirements met
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Escrow license
  • True impartiality as a third party
  • Background investigations on ALL employees including photos and fingerprints

Now That You Know The Difference Can You Afford To Compromise?


Processing an escrow is a complicated endeavor and should not be undertaken by anyone not completely qualified. When you select an independent escrow company you have the assurance that the escrow officers have undergone detailed investigations into their backgrounds and have been fully trained to handle the difficult tasks involved in an escrow.



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